About Us

Lead solar limited is a full service power generating firm offering complete service in solar power generation and maintenance, we are a private limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria with corporate Affairs commission. Our power generating experience is diversified into projects such as off grid and on grid solar power system. The management team is seasoned managers accustomed to working closely with owners, engineers and subcontractors. Our management skills are supported by technical knowledge through solar system and the ability to organize, schedule and coordinate projects using strong generating skills. We effectively communicate with all levels of management and professionals associate while maintaining a “team’ attitude among all the individuals involved with the financing, planning and generating of solar power.

Through experienced leadership and attention to details, we can ensure the success of our clients’ objectives and our record of performance proves it. We offer complete solar installation, streetlight electrification, running of solar power for corporate organization and individuals, training to those that are interested in becoming an expert on the field, sales of all solar gadgets. We make it our business to work closely with facilities engineers and personnel in order to custom tailor our work to the client’s needs. We understand that this can only be achieved by bringing together a team of dedicated engineering professionals and talented technicians with “one” common goal. “The success of your project”.

In addition to our power generating services, we can also provide you the followmg:
– Electrical wiring and Installation services
– Inverter instaiiation services
– Security cameras installation services
– Networking

– Extended power backup both day and night.
– Smooth transition to backup without interruption when power fails
– Zero running cost: requires no consumables-saves lots of money and no Frequent breakdown like power generator
– Noise free and no oil mess
– Auto run: no manual change over, topping of oil, pouring of diesel or petrol and all other chores of managing a power generator are eliminated
– Conserve, optimize: it is an economy device, helping you optimize. Switch on only your TV’and that is the power you consume, all other power is stored. While power generator run at full capacity, (burning fuel of full requirement,) even if it is just a bulb